Politics and Marketing

October 25, 2006

Why can’t politicians think and behave like marketeers? There are but 13 days left before mid-term elections and all we hear is negatives. I believe each politician should examine what he/she stands for and then tell us. This is no different then a product or service. We are forced to make choices every day. We base our choices on what we believe a product and/or service uniquely delivers.

So what do politicians stand for? For most, I have no idea… rather then talking about what they believe in and what they will do for their constituents, they spend their time and money on bashing the other guys. Could you imagine if Coke spent all their money telling us why Pepsi is bad? Or Chevy spent their advertising dollars pointing out all the weaknesses of Ford?

This is “no way to run a railroad.” It will probably never change, but if politicians spent some time marketing a product or service maybe they would get it….. One can always hope!


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