Culture In A New Company

October 28, 2006

How important is Culture in your new start-up Company? I believe it is vital and may well define whether you are successful in your new enterprise. You need to define what type of Company you want vis-a-vis its Culture. In order to do that you need to understand what you believe in as it relates to your Company and how it will operate. Such areas you should think about might include:

1. Employees: What type(s) of employees would you like to see join the Company? “Yes” men/women who agree with all of your positions? Free spirits who walk to the beat of their own drummers? Challengers who are not afraid to examine the status quo and ask why? Secretive or up-front personalities? etc., etc.

2. Policies: How will you treat your employees? If you are in the personal services business will you provide your employees with significant financial, benefit and other packages to ensure they are happy and motivated? Will you give them the opportunity to share in the Company’s success with ownership? Will you involve them in the key decisions facing the Company and its future? Will you be a “dictator” or a manager of a collegial environment? Will you share the Company’s finances with all employees on a regular basis?

3. Customers: What will be your philosophy towards your customers? Will they be “partners” whose counsel you will seek? Will everyone in your Company adopt a customer centric model which recognizes that without highly satisfied Customers, there is no Company? Will you work with your customers to satisfy their needs versus yours? Will you insist on delivering the highest possible quality service or product to your customers day in and day out?

All of these questions/issues need to be addressed since they all impact the culture of your Company. I obviously believe in a certain culture which has worked for me. But it is up to you to define what you believe will work for you!


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