Category Proliferation

October 30, 2006

How many products can exist in a single category? Great question… the answer is “it depends.” Key questions include how big is the category, what are the critical needs which drive the category and are they all being met, what specialty niches exist given the needs analysis, etc. Having said that, let’s look at an example of over population of a category….

I remember growing up and knowing every car on the road. Not only every make and model, but every year! Try that today! What are the real and meaningful differences between all the models on the market? According to there are 93 different SUV’s, 131 different Sedans, and even 51 convertibles! Can you imagine sorting through all these choices and trying to determine what makes each vehicle really unique within its class? O.K., so you can sort SUV’s by Compact’s, Mid-sized, and large and then again by Crossover, Luxury, etc. But the choices are truly mind-numbing.

So, if you are involved in a category, and are looking to either introduce a new product or grow your business make sure you really understand what makes your product different and better then competition and make sure you communicate that message with clarity! Otherwise, welcome to the morass of mediocrity!


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One Response to “Category Proliferation”

  1. Stan Berman Says:


    You hit the nail on the head beautifully.

    Were you a crpenter?

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