Dancing With Elephants

November 2, 2006

Can you imagine being on a crowded dance floor with elephants?  If you are a small business or manage a small brand and compete with the “big boys” in the business, I am sure that is how you feel.  How can you possibly compete against Companies/Products/Services which have significant budgets, sales organizations, research, etc.?

Welcome to the 21st century!  Depending upon your business model it is actually easier to compete with the elephants today then ever before.  Why?  One simple answer:  The Internet.   Of course, the Internet does not solve all of man’s problems.  If you need product distribution in retail outlets, for example, the Internet is not much help.  But, if you can sell your product via the Internet, or advertise/promote  your product over the Internet, then the playing field has been leveled versus the “big spenders.”

Of course, you must have a viable business model including a truly unique product or service which meets a consumer/customer need.  And the need must be “intense.”   This is absolutely fundamental to whatever you market.  But, assuming you have such a product/service, the Internet can play a significant role in your success… without truly significant sums.   Big corporations can spend millions of dollars on Advertising alone to “get their message out” to their prospective users.   Little guys can use the Internet as a way to get started.

So, you can “Dance With The Elephants”…. but, be careful, don’t forget the big guys can and do use the internet as well!   Stay focused on your unique point of difference and watch for the footsteps of the Elephants! 


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