10 Observations about Entrepreneurs

November 7, 2006

Here are some observations about some (not all) entrepreneurs:

1.  They think they can be successful in any business;

2.  They tend not to be disciplined in their thinking;

3.  They can’t delegate;

4.  Their egos will not allow them to hire smarter people;

5.  They are visionaries without financial acumen;

6.  They try to do too much and expand their business into to many areas;

7.  They do not pay enough attention to their staff;

8.  They do not communicate well beyond their vision;

9.  Money is never an obstacle (which may be a good thing);

10. They are never satisfied with the status quo (again, this may be a good thing);

Obviously, these are generalities that do not apply to everyone.  But, if you are a “budding” entrepreneur, be sure you know your own strengths and weaknesses and seek to surround yourself with people who have skills where you are the weakest.

I welcome your comments!


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