Grow or Die

November 10, 2006

Many entrepreneurs at some point in their lives ask the simple question:  Why can’t our business simply stay the same size?  Why must we constantly “chase” growth?  We are doing well at our current size but growth will simply bring us more problems and issues.

I have a simple answer….”Grow or Die.”   I believe it is impossible to stand still.  It’s either move forward or move backwards.  How can you be in business and turn down sales?  Sure, you can “qualify” sales prospects and opportunities to be sure you only take on profitable business.  But if/when you turn down “good” business, I believe that will reverberate throughout your industry and potential new customers will get the message and go to your competitors.  So, then what?  What if one of your current customers decides to  take their business elsewhere?  So, now you will look for business?  Good luck!

So, building the right infrastructure for growth and being sure your growth is both strategic and manageable are keys to your successful future.   Do not go down the slippery slope of stopping growth or your business will surely die.

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