Employee Centric

November 12, 2006

Of course, we have all heard the mantra of “Customer Centric.”  I, for one, am a firm believer in the concept that the customer is at the center of the business universe.  As Stew Leonard’s (Food store chain in CT & NY) motto reads:

  “The Customer is always right”

Having said the above, I also believe that many Companies lose sight of their most valuable asset:  Their PEOPLE!

Employees, after all, are the drivers which make a business run.  While this is especially true in any service business it is also true in all types of businesses.  Great Companies understand this concept and go out of their way to motivate their employees and provide them with every opportunity to succeed.

A great example  of this is Starbucks Coffee.  They treat their people like they are part of the Starbucks “family.”  Even part time workers get health benefits.  And most employees are involved in stock options.  Flexible hours, family care (including day care), job sharing, etc., are all things Companies must do to attract and retain their most valuable asset… their PEOPLE.   If you want your Company to succeed, go out of your way to treat your employees as you would like to be treated if you were one of them!


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