November 16, 2006

Much has been written about the need to have real passion for what you do in life.  Nothing could be more important then having a burning passion for what you do in business…. especially if you are starting a new company.   So, what does this mean and do you really have passion?

Let’s examine how passion translates to success.  Do you really believe in what you are doing in business?  In your product/service and its benefits?  Are you 1000% convinced that your product/service is a “must have” for your customers?  Do you really believe it uniquely fills a  customer need?  How deep is your conviction?  Do you have a “fire in your belly” to convince the world that your product/service is the best?

I have a friend who had a small business and an idea to make it bigger.  He took his idea to the 3 key customers in the industry and was turned down flat.  So, what did he do?  He was so convinced of the need and opportunity for his product he took it back to the same customers again, and again.  After the 7th visit, one of the customers agreed to try the product.  The other 2 customers quickly agreed as well and my friend’s business took off!

Passion about what you believe in has driven many successful businesses in all categories.  Sometimes with no success.  Remember the Tucker Automobile?  Yet, without passion, you can be sure that any start up business will be hampered in a major way.  With passion which is translated to the marketplace, you have an excellent chance of achieving success.


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