Communications-Business vs Consumers

November 22, 2006

When you examine how things have changed over the past few decades you have to be amazed.  This is particularily true in the world of business communications.  Just think of e-mail, cell phones, voice mail, internet, etc., versus where we were just 20 years or so ago.  But, have things really changed in the world of business to consumer communications?   Of course we have the Internet and a wealth of new ways to advertise to targeted groups.  And we have more magazines then one could ever read.  On top of that we have hundreds of cable and satellite TV stations.  And, now satellite radio.   But beyond the magnitude of these offerings, what has really changed beyond the Internet?

I would submit to you that little has changed.  Yes, we have been better at targeting specific groups via both TV, Radio, and Print.  And, yes, the Internet gives us even a greater chance to segment.  But how much interactive communications between Companies and thier customers have really taken place on a regular basis.

Did you ever have a question or problem with a product, go to its web site and tried to find out how to talk to a live person (who does not live  in India)?   What a frustrating experience.  What about when you finally find a phone number you get caught up in automated answering “hell”… If you want x push 2, if you want y push, 3, etc., etc., etc.   What a mess!!!!   Sometimes we just want to talk to a human being!!!!!

So, I hope companies get with it and realize that communicating with customers is a key to loyalty!


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