“It’s Hard To Fly Like An Eagle When You Work With Turkeys”

November 22, 2006

If you own your own business or you are in upper management, one of the most important jobs you have is to surround yourself with the absolute best and smartest people you can find.  Smart, motivated people allow you and your Company to “Fly Like Eagles.”   Frankly, even less experienced smart motivated people are better then more experienced but “average” non-motivated people.

So, finding really great people to work with you is not easy.  It requires discipline and an exhaustive recruiting process.  Indeed, finding really great people will take longer then finding “average” people.  But, in the long-run it is well worth the effort.

What about motivation.  What really motivates people to work hard and smart?  Is it money?  Titles?  Ego?  The desire to succeed?  Frankly it is all of these and more.  To really motivate people get them involved in the day to day decisions that effect their business lives.  Try to lay out a clear strategy and plan for the Company and for their area of responsibility.  Then tie their compensation into their performance coupled with the Company’s performance.  Be sure this is clear and easy to understand.  Also, be sure it is sufficient to be motivating.  Offering someone a few hundred dollar bonus on a six figure salary is obviously not motivating.  But if they could “double’ their salary it would obviously be highly motivating if the goals were realistic and agreed to in advance;  And, if the results were measurable.

So, find the best people and really motivate them and you will  indeed “fly like and eagle.”  AND have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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