Opportunity Knocks

November 25, 2006

I believe if you have the instincts of an entrepreneur, you can find opportunities everywhere if you just Look & Listen.   Opportunities are all around you.  Just think about your daily life.  What would you like that you cannot get?  What service would you love to have  is someone would only provide it?  What business processes do you see which could be improved in a major way? 

Entrepreneurs are very creative people by and large.  They see business opportunities where most do not.  Why?  Because their minds are constantly searching for new business concepts.  They use their daily experiences and those of others to seek new business concepts.  Or they see how something currently being  done can be done much better.

E-bay started with people trading PEZ candy dispensers on line.  Someone saw that as being an opportunity to sell and/or trade anything.   Amazon simply took a bookstore and eliminated the bricks and morter by moving it on line.  Bringing cell phones to countries without the infrastructure of land lines.  Selling cruise ships as residences.  Creating time shares.  Starting an airline which delivers small packages (FEDEX).   All of these were concepts which grew out of a customer/consumer need which was not being met. 

So, look around you and talk to people.  See what unmet needs they have.  Can you create a business based upon meeting those needs in a unique and protectable way? 


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