Service, Service, Service

November 26, 2006

In real estate it’s location, location, location.  In my opinion, in the 21st century, for most businesses it’s service, service, service.   Are there examples of great service.  You bet.  Unfortunately, many of these examples are not in the good old USA.

Let me give you two examples.  My wife & I were staying in Hong Kong.  We just got off the elevator on our hotel floor.  We began to walk to our room when a bell hop saw us and immediately ran to our room to open our door and ask us if we needed anything.  Same hotel…. we were having dinner and I began to get up to go to the rest room.  Before I could fully stand, a waiter was behind me pulling my chair out and then escorting me to the rest room.  Talk about service!

In the US the good examples of outstanding service include Nordstroms. Where they literally will do anything for you.  Another great example is a local men’s clothing store.  I called them one day because I needed a new suit and a few sports coats.  The salesman who I had used in the past came to my office that day and brought me a selection of suits and sports coats to choose from.   Once I selected what I wanted, a tailor from the store returned the next day to fit everything.  And a few days later, the salesman delivered my order.  

I  sometimes call this the WOW factor.  Just think if you were treated this way everywhere you went.  Talk about building loyalty!   Can you create the WOW factor in your business.  I believe any business can.  Just surprise your customers/consumers with extra and unexpected service.


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