Is Marketing Local?

November 28, 2006

If real estate is local, can marketing products be local as well?  Yes companies do market their products on a local basis.  But to what extent and how important is “local” marketing.   Many Companies use local marketing funds to support local events.  Beer distributors sponsor sporting events, fast food companies sponsor local charities, etc.  But, are these really effective?  How local is local?

Ultimately the key questions to try to answer are:  1.  Can the marketing activity pay out from a financial point of view?;  and 2.  Should the company support a local event to be a good corporate citizen?

Many times, local events are conducted without the critical need to pay out and are really done to fulfill a Company’s need to be a good corporate citizen.  It’s called giving back to the local community.

On a separate vein, why can’t Companies offer different versions of their products to satisfy local desires/needs.  Yes, I know this raises all sorts of manufacturing and distribution issues.  But it is already being done in some industries such as fast food.  Why not in other industries?   Why can’t Coke have a different formula in different markets if it better satisfies the tastes of its customers?  Why can’t Chevy have different options in different markets?  By the way, some car companies do this already?  Ever buy/lease a car in Florida and get sun screens?

Clearly, products do vary by country… why not locally?


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