Change The Game

December 1, 2006

The biggest successes in the business world are found in businesses that “changed the game” in their category.  Pampers diapers, e-bay, Amazon, and others are all example of successful businesses that changed the game.

How can you change the game in your business?  Think outside the box.  What massive changes are “in the wind” or on the horizon in your business?  The Internet has certainly changed the game for many businesses.  Let’s examine one area called disintermediation.   The elimination of a link in the distribution channel.  Look at banking.  Today there are a number of banks who do business strictly on the Internet.  No bricks and mortar.  Can you imagine thinking of that idea say 25 years ago?  You would probably have been locked up!

What about “box stores” like Costco, BJ’s or Sam’s.   They all changed the game by providing giant sizes of products at reduced prices.  It is arguable that WalMart changed the game with its unique distribution system alowing it to under price traditional retailers.  This is now known as the Giant Killer strategy.

Here is a new one I recently came across.  An auto which you do not own, which is readily available wherever you go.  Is activated by your “membership card” and is dropped off after each trip.  In addition, the “membership card” remembers what color car you like and the car you get into actually changes colors once it recognizes your card!  Now that is changing the game of the auto business!

So, think creatively and look to “change the game” in your industry!


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