Make A Decision!

December 2, 2006

One of the worst things a manager can do is to not make a decision.  You have to realize up front that you are not always going to be right.  Someone once said that if you are right 51% of the time you will be successful.  I agree.  Having said that, it is also important to recognize when you have made a bad decision and to do whatever you can to correct your mistakes.

Most mistakes are not very visible.  There are some “classic” examples of ones that were visible.  Like “new” Coke; or, the Edsel.  But, for the most part, most of us will no make blunders quite as big as these.  However, all of us will make mistakes.  We will either chose the wrong strategy, or stray from an agreed to strategy.  We will be tempted by opportunities which in restrospect made no sense.  (Remember the conglomerates of yester-year?). 

So, how do we avoid most mistakes?   Be sure to involve everyone in the organization who will be impacted by a decision & listen to their input.  Then examine all the facts in hand.  If customers are involved, ask them for their opinions.  Finally, make a decision.  And then move ahead!   Looking behind is never helpful even if you were right!


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