The Death Of Marketing?

December 3, 2006

Is marketing as we have known it for decades dead?  Does the new paradigm of the Internet, cable and Satellite TV, viral marketing, etc., “change the game” for marketeers?  I believe if Companies continue to market their products as they did in the 60’s and 70’s they are in trouble.   As such, “classic” marketing is dead.  By classic, I mean building a better mouse trap and then advertising it on national TV.   The “better mouse trap” part will still work, but marketing a product strictly with broadcast TV may no longer be the answer.

So what is the answer in 2007 and beyond?  Of course, that depends on what you are marketing.  But, certainly, the internet and one-to-one marketing must be part of your plans.  Also, co-branding, viral marketing, local events, direct marketing, etc., must all be considered among other things.  Your choices are much more varied today then ever.  They key questions center around your objectives, and which areas deliver sales results most efficiently and effectively.

Bottom line:  re-think what you have been doing and be open to trying anything of reason.  As I have said in prior posts, do your planning from the bottom up and forget what you have done in the past.  2007 and beyond represents a brand new game.


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