The Company As A Family

December 7, 2006

How do you run your Company?  Are you a “tyrant.”   I once heard that managers manage either through fear or respect.  What’s your approach?   If you think of a Company as a “family” and treat your employees as members of that “family” what would be the result?  Is it possible to manage via “consensus?”   In a family environment, the mother and father ultimately make all the decisions.  As the kids get older, there are typically discussions involving all parties when it comes to things like vacations, work around the house, etc.  Often compromises are reached on many issues to try to satisfy everyone.

What if you ran your Company that way?  Suppose you called all effected parties into a room and discussed an issue with them and sought out the best solution?  Would the “inmates be running the asylum?”  Or, would your employees feel empowered and motivated?  Of course, the “buck” eventually stops with you and on “tight calls” you are the one who must make a decision.  But, even in that case, if all effected employees had input into the decision don’t you think they will feel better at the end of the day?

So, can you manage a Company like a family?  You bet you can!  Will it be effective?  Yes, if you can train yourself to be a consensus manager. 


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