Is TV Dead?

December 11, 2006

What will the future hold for TV?   Is Google’s bet that the Internet will replace TV at least in Advertising correct?  Only time will tell.  However, in the fast changing world in which we live, nothing should surprise us.   There is no question that as the “Internet generation” continues to mature, this form of communication and information will become more and more a “regular” part of our lives.  It will be so integrated into what we do that we will no longer view it as “special” or “new.”  Much like radio, TV, and mobile phones, the Internet will be an “accepted” part of our routine. 

 The “big” question, of course, is how fast and how will this impact our businesses?  This discussion reminds me of the “paperless society” everyone talked about when computers began to appear.  Everyone predicted that paper would become obsolete since everyone could store everything on their computers.  Guess what….  There is more paper used today then ever before.   So, how might this parallel the Internet versus TV?   My bet is that TV will be here for a very long time.  However, it will become totally integrated with the Internet.  So, for example, like the DVR’s you will be able to watch what you want and when you want via the  Internet.  Microsoft certainly believes in this future.  Google apparently does as well.

What are the implications of this future “vision” for your business?  For one thing, you better start experimenting with all of the new Internet media alternatives available including blogs, You Tube, My Space, viral marketing, etc.  Next, you must work with all legitimate newer Companies in this “space.”  Of course, you must keep in close contact with the entire entertainment “world” including Cable, Networks, Radio, Movies, Sports, etc.  Many of these companies are already engaged in changing their business models so you must stay current.

In a word, CHANGE is coming and coming fast.  So, be prepared and stay informed.


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One Response to “Is TV Dead?”

  1. Step Schwarz Says:

    The other thing about DVRs is that they allow viewers to forward straight through commercials. So advertising on TV will surely be harder and harder to justify as DVRs take hold. And if advertising goes, I’d think it would take a lot of TV programming with it..

    I don’t know.. I’m a coder, so the whole world of advertising and marketing is pretty new to me. I recently did the Flash development on a site about viral marketing — — and I found your blog when I was searching around for more about what people are saying about viral marketing.

    Actually, your site really caught my eye because I didn’t realize the plural of marketer could be spelled with two “e”s like that. So I learned something new today.

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