More on Getting Personal

December 26, 2006

In a recent post, I wrote about the need for Companies to better customize their products to meet the exact needs of their customers.  Well, the holidays provided me with a perfect example.  Let’s look at all the devices you can currently carry…. The IPOD, cell phone, PDA, notebook computer, digital camera, etc.   If I wanted to buy a device which was “customized” just to my needs and desires, I could not find one.

We are talking about the Dell model to some degree.  What if you could go on-line and order a cell phone with a pink skin, which also included a calendar, games, digital camera, digital movie camera, IPOD with your favorite songs, was bluetooth enabled, and had a picture of your family on the screen?   But, you say you can already do this?   Perhaps, but can you only choose those features you want, in the color you want, and the size that you want?  I don’t think so.  What if you added a few features like opening your car door, or, for those cars that are keyless, allowing you to start your car?  What about turning on your lights at home?  Perhaps your device could even monitor your heart rate.  Or, even store all your medical records.

So, personalization in this area has a long way to go….  


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