Delighting Customers

January 7, 2007

Do you remember when you were so thrilled with a product that you would talk about it endlessly with your friends?  Perhaps it was Good Humor Ice Cream, or a new Chevrolet, or a great new food product.  You just loved this product to death and you were “delighted” with what benefits it provided.  Does this still happen?  Yes, but I bet not as frequently.  Why?  It is all about service and uniqueness.

What are some examples of products that truly have “delighted” customers?  Remember when Swiffer from P&G was introduced?  Everyone was talking about what a great product it was.  It built a whole new category.  This is not atypical of P&G.  Remember Pampers? 

So, how can you truly delight your customers.  You can on three levels:

1.  Develop products which are truly unique and satisfy a real customer need;

2.  Go above and beyond in providing  service to your customers;

3.  Surprise your customers with something extra that they did not expect;

I believe I have dealt with #1 above.  As to #2, where do you go today and get great customer service?  Certainly not on the telephone.  Perhaps the best example of great customer service is The Ritz Carlton chain of hotels or Nordstrom.  Both have a corporate culture of going the extra mile for their customers.  Both have extensive training on doing anything possible to satisfy a customer.

As to #3…  I once stayed in a Four Seasons hotel with my son and his two dogs (yes, the Four Seasons allows dogs).  After we checked in (where they knew the names of the dogs) we went up to our room where we found two dog bowls, bottled water for the dogs and two dog biscuits with the dogs names on the biscuits!  Now that is providing a delightful surprise! 

It is all about keeping your customers happy to build loyalty.  So, look for those things that you can do to introduce new & innovative products and things that will keep your customers delighted with your product(s) and service(s).


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2 Responses to “Delighting Customers”

  1. Chris Hoskin Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    There is a good post in today’s Guardian – a leading UK broadsheet newspaper about being ‘Remarkable’.

    You can get to it here – >

  2. Wow that’s really good service huh. Anyway, Valentines coming so be sure to check out beautiful hotel suites at my site..

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