Good Service or Great Service?

January 18, 2007

Do you know the difference between good service and great service?   I have talked about service as the key driver of businesses over the coming years.  Yet, I am not sure all of us appreciate the difference between good service and great service.  Great service leads to significant loyalty and referrals.  Good service may become the expectation of your customers and may  not set you apart from competition. 

So, what is the difference.  The answer is the “unexpected” surprises you get with great service.  All of us have experienced such “unexpected” surprises in our lives.  Let me cite a few of my own:

1.  The time I wanted to buy some clothes from a local men’s store and the salesman came to my office with a selection and then sent the tailor to my office to fit me.  Then had the finished products delivered to me at the office;

2.  The time I stayed in a hotel in Hong Kong and got off the elevator after dinner and observed a hotel employee, after seeing me, run to my room to open my door;

3.  The time I returned something to Nordstrom’s that I had received as a gift, only to learn that Nordstrom’s did not carry that item.  Yet the Nordstrom employee happily took the returned item and gave me full credit.  Even told me he personally would return it to the store where it was actually purchased;

4.  Most recently, when I returned a pair of Puma sneakers due to an imperfection and received back within one week a brand new pair, no questions asked.

I am sure all of you have experienced such “unexpected” surprises.  These are the things that separate great service from simply good service.  The more you can provide great service to your customers the more successful your business will become.


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One Response to “Good Service or Great Service?”

  1. Stan Berman Says:

    I’m now up to date.

    I can see you will never run out of discussion points.

    I never got a reply yo my last comment.

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