Recognition And Motivation

February 7, 2007

How do you best motivate your employees?  What role does recognition play in the motivation equation? 

Let’s start with the basics.   Recognition is basic to human behavior.  At least that is my belief.  I am sure if we checked with the psychology experts they would agree.  Everyone wants to be recognized for doing a good job.  Whether it’s your kids who get a good grade, or make a good play in a sport, or your spouse who buys you an unexpected gift, or your religious leader who recognizes special services performed by members of your congregation.  Human’s want to be recognized. 

Thus in the business environment, recognizing good work is highly motivating and, I believe, many times it is even better then compensation.  Recognition can take many forms.  An annual “award” such as a sales award, or leadership award are clearly great recognition opportunities.  Especially if they are presented in front of the entire Company.  But, throughout the year there are many ways to recognize outstanding performance.    Flowers, lunches, dinners, music, books, in-house publications, simple memo’s of congratulations are just a few of the ways you can recognize your employees for great work.  The right tool will need to “fit the occasion” but you should consider what will really make someone “proud” that they achieved this recognition.  So, a new tech toy might work for some but not for others.  Flowers to a wife/family might work for some  but not for others.  Just think carefully about what is best to fit the situation.  AND, do not overdo it….  Recognize where appropriate.

If you follow this advice, you will be amazed at how motivated your employees become!


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