This Isn’t Kansas Anymore

February 13, 2007

Do you remember when broadcast TV on a national basis was how you simply communicated your product’s message?  And, when that message was a “slice of life” commercial?  Well, in the words of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, this isn’t Kansas anymore!

And yet, what has really changed?  Aside from the myriad of communication options available today, the key fundamental of brand positioning has not changed.  You still need a product with a significant point of difference which meets a real customer need to succeed.  And, you still need to communicate that point of difference clearly and succinctly.  What has changed is how and where you communicate your message.  Both of these issues (the how and where) are not easy to answer and will depend upon many factors.  Every “supplier” from TV,  Cable, magazines,  newspapers, Radio, the Internet, Cell Phones, etc., all have their compelling stories of why your money would be best spent with them.  Targeting your current or potential customers through demographics, psychographics, purchase behavior, predictive analytics, etc., all come into play.  So, how do you choose?  At the end of the day, it all comes down to results.  What combination of spending will “move the needle” in terms of your objectives (volume, awareness, new versus existing customers, etc.). 

So, experiment, and use “experts” to help you decide.  But, remember that the message is ultimatly “king.”  Your products differentiation should win out in the long run.


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