Customer Developed Marketing

February 21, 2007

You have all heard the buzz about Customer Developed Advertising and Marketing.  There are Companies today who are clearly experimenting with this technique on a large scale.  Budweiser has a TV show called BudTV and I am sure you will see many examples of Customer Developed Advertising on this site.  Of course You Tube has many examples.  Other Companies are using Customer Developed Advertising on the Internet and on Broadcast TV.  So, good idea?  While it may be to early to make a judgement, I believe this approach holds out great promise for a number of reasons:

1.  It gets customers involved in the product or service;  The more involvement, the more loyalty (at least in theory);

2.  It opens up the creative pipeline to new and innovative ideas and approaches;

3.  It provides a unique insight into the minds of your customers in terms of how they view your product or service;

Are there pitfalls…. of course there are.  The big one will be how “rejected” customers will feel.  In addition, ensuring that anything that is ultimately used is consistent with your product/service positioning is critical.

So, my vote goes to “try it, you may like it!”


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