Strategic Imperatives

February 23, 2007

Have you ever been confused over establishing priorities for your business.  One way to think about this issue is to establish strategic imperatives.  Essentially, strategic imperatives define what you absolutely must accomplish over a given period of time to be successful.  First, of course, you need to define your overall strategies within the context of your business plan. 

Once that step is accomplished, you must review your entire plan and decide which strategies must be accomplished in order to achieve your objectives.  The word MUST is the operative word.  Clearly when you develop an annual plan every strategy and tactic in that plan has importance.  So, the difficult decisions you must make are what are the most important strategies that must be accomplished.  Without accomplishing those strategies, your plan will clearly fail.

Once you identify your strategic imperatives, then you need to lay out clearly and simply what you must do to accomplish each of those imperatives.  Included should be key dates by which each of these steps must be accomplished.

This exercise will help you stay focused on what you need to do to ensure success in the coming year.


Bizvice:  Strategy, Marketing & Entrepreneurship


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