Individual Marketing Customization

March 13, 2007

I have written in the past about personalization of products and services to meet the differing needs of individuals.  A recent interview with Bill Gates of Microsoft fame reminded me that individual marketing customization is just as important to the immediate future of marketing programs.  Indeed the opportunity to customize messages to specific individuals is at the very foundation of the boom in marketing via the Internet.

If, as a marketing approach, a manufacturer could target specific individuals with a specific and relavent message about its product and could truly monitor whether those individuals responded by buying the product then enormous efficiencies would accrue to the entire marketing budget.  How specific can you get with both the individuals “targeted” and the relevance of the message is the critical question.  In the future, I believe you will be able to get highly specific on both counts.  For example, if you were selling cell phones and you could identify those potential customers who wanted a specific type of cell phone with specific characteristics (e.g.: camera, voice recorder, phone book, etc.) and you could deliver a specific message about such a phone to those customers then your marketing dollars would be much more effective.

Finding your key customers on an individual basis is the trick.  So, experiment with the “new media” available today.  And, be sure to link your experiments to actual sales data whenever possible.


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