Back To The Future

April 8, 2007

Despite the growing chorus of the need to do marketing differently in today’s wired world, the need still exists for Companies to communicate with their potential customers with a message of why they should buy your products.  So, is this really “back to the future.”?   I believe it is…  It is important for Marketers to keep focused on communicating their key point of difference.  To be sure, there are many more options for such communications.  But, at the end of the day, it is all about how many target customers you can reach most efficiently with the right “message.”

Using the “new” media is often an experiment.   And, every advertiser wants to stand out from the crowd.  So, often the message of why a product/service is better is often lost in the translation of “creativity.”   People buy products because they believe they have a need which will be uniquely filled by that product.  If you do not communicate your uniqueness in a compelling way which gets this message across, then you are wasting valuable resources and money.

So, the next time your “creatives” develop a new approach to market your  product ask the simple question:  “Does this approach focus on why my product is truly unique versus competition?”


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