Brand Management…Can It Survive?

April 24, 2007

Brand Management has been a fixture in successful marketing companies for decades.  It holds out the promise of individuals managing their “own” businesses as a successful model to manage a large number of products.  It has worked wonderfully.  Just look at companies like  Kraft, P&G, and others.  It also is a terrific way to train people and give them the skills to manage.

Yet, can brand management as we know it continue to survive in the future?   Given the complexities of product development, business strategy, positioning, marketing communications, etc., how can a brand manager keep up?  Staff groups as support have certainly helped many Companies manage this problem in the past.  But, it seems to me the “marketing world” is far more complex today then it was in the 60’s and 70’s.  In addition, there is always a natural “friction” between running a brand in a Company and managing the Company.  Look how many Brands P&G has diversified itself of over the past 10 years… do you really think this was at the suggestion of those brand managers?

So, what does the future of the Brand Management system hold?  Perhaps it is category management?  Perhaps asset management?  Your input and thoughts are welcome!


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