“Everything” Cell Phones

May 1, 2007

Many people in the tech industry are predicting that our cell phones will be the device that connects us to everything.  It appears to be happening in Asia more quickly then the US.  For example, why not use your cell phone as a key to your house, hotel room, etc.?  Certainly using it as a credit card would seem to be no problem.  What if you were walking down the isle at the supermarket, and you pointed it at a product and the cell phone extolled the virtues of that product?   What if the supermarket itself, provided its “discounts” over the cell as you travelled the store?

This will all happen and more.  It will make us tethered to our cell phones like never before.  Open your car door?  Sure!  Start the engine?  Sure!  Buy a hamburger?  Of course!  This is all quite interesting and adds to music, videos, e-mail, GPS systems, etc….  So, I ask, why do we need computers????


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One Response to ““Everything” Cell Phones”

  1. Stevie Says:

    Interesting view. No reason why they can’t do all that. However, no one has ever managed to converge technology historically, as categories usually split rather than join. The iphone will be probably the first big global play to see if convergance will finally occur.
    Nice post.

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