Everything Cell Phones… Part 2

May 9, 2007

Did you hear that the government wants to embed in our cell phones devices which will detect hazardous materials such as poison gas and potentially radioactivity?   Talk about taking our cell phones to the next level!  So, perhaps the predictions of the cell phone being the one device that does literally everything is not far off!

Of course, “arming” the population with cell phones that detect gas or other hazardous material is one way of involving the entire population in our constant vigilance over terrorism.  What would you do if your cell phone suddenly came “alive” and notified you that you were in an area of hazardous material? 

Given the above, and the current surge of providing TV on your cell phones, how far away can we be from the items mentioned in my last post (unlocking and starting your car, paying for anything and everything, advertising messages in store, etc.)?


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