Getting Costs Out Of The Medical System

June 17, 2007

I am currently at the Mayo Clinic in MN undergoing a stem cell transplant.   Having used the “medical system” both in the US and other countries over the years, I am convinced that there are ways to drive costs down in this system…  and have those cost savings pay for universal health care.   I am not trying to be political.   But, it is clear that our medical system is currently wasteful.  

I have been coming to the Mayo for over 16 years.  They do medical care better then anyone.   And, I believe they have driven costs out of the system better then most.

Given  my current health state, I will be “dark” for a few more weeks…  thanks for reading my posts!


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One Response to “Getting Costs Out Of The Medical System”

  1. Stan Berman Says:

    Please come out of the dark quickly.

    I miss your words of wisdom.

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