Deliver or Else!

December 9, 2007

Seems obvious.  But how many companies do not deliver a product which truly meets or exceeds customer expectations?  Can you imagine what would happen to a Company which exceeded customer expectations on every dimension?  Talk about people lining up at the door to buy!

So, how can you ensure that you  will exceed customer expectations?  First, do not over promise or promise things you cannot deliver.  Make sure what you “advertise” is what you deliver.  Second, provide something unexpected with your product.  Something that has an added benefit that your customers do not expect.  Finally, follow-up to be sure your customers are more then satisfied with your product  (obviously this is only feasible with higher priced items).

So, the message is simple… Deliver or else!  To sustain and grow your business, provide your customers with more then they expect!


Bizvice:  Business Strategy, Marketing & Entrepreneurship


2 Responses to “Deliver or Else!”

  1. health Says:

    Couldn’t imagine how would a better writer of skill would write.

  2. bizvice Says:

    Thank you, I think. Hope you enjoy my comments.


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