Why am I an expert?  There are thousands of people who claim to be experts in many areas…It is all about experience… mine includes over 40 years in the consulting field where I built a business which employeed over 75 people consulting for consumer products and services companies.  Our clients included Companies like Coca-Cola, Dow, Hershey, Chase Manhattan, Bristol-Myers, etc.  Strategy and Marketing was our niche.  Basically, how to grow the top line was our expertise.  In addition, of course, my experience in growing and managing a consulting business has been invaluable….

Semi retired for about 8 years, I continue to do projects for a number of small and mid-sized companies.  In addition to golf and spending time with my gandchildren!



2 Responses to “About”

  1. Rich:

    Great start! The points you made in your first few days of this undertaking are spot-on and very consistant with my own views on these topics – I look forward to reading more and contributing when possible.


  2. Stan Berman Says:

    The points are all great.

    I’m sure you wake up in the middle of the night with these great thoughts.

    I look forwars to reading your words of wisdom.


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